I Am Participating in the The 2017 Portal Art Fair in New York. Pictures soon!


435 Broome Street, New York

May 3 – 8, 2017


Press release:



Portal Art Fair Moves to Soho For Second Edition
To Feature Approximately 30 Artists from US and Abroad May 3 – 8, 2017

Press Preview to be Held on May 2, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Opening Reception on May 3, 6:00 - 9:00 PM


New York, NY—April 26, 201—Following its successful inaugural edition in 2016, Portal will return in a new location in Soho. Open to the public from May 3 - 8, 2017, Portal will transform the 2000-square-foot street level gallery at 435 Broome Street into vibrant artist space with the work of approximately 30 artists from the U.S. and abroad. Featured artists were selected through both an open call and an invitational process geared toward artists who have previously shown with 4heads—the nonprofit responsible for organizing Portal as well as the Governors Island Art Fair. his year's artists are a mix of abstract and representational makers, working across a diversity of disciplines, including photography, painting, sculpture, sound, and mixed media installation. All of the work in Portal was chosen by 4heads co-founders Antony Zito, Jack Robinson, and Nicole Laemmle, with an eye toward creating dynamic juxtapositions and highlighting the diversity of artistic approach and technique among today’s working artists.


A ress Previe for Portal will be held on Tuesday, May 2, from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM.
A celebratory pening Reception will be held on Wednesday, May 3, from 6:00 – 9:00 PM. Both events require an SV at lina@paveconsult.co.


“017 is a particularly important year for 4heads, as it marks ten years since we first launched Governors Island Art Fair. We began with a simple idea: to create a community of support among artists in New York and to offer new and exciting platforms for those artists to show their work. Portal’s success asserts the appetite among audiences to experience the work of a wide range of artists, including those who may be under-represented or flying under the radar of the art world establishment,” said Laemmle. “We look forward to welcoming a diverse arts-loving public to Soho this year for the second edition of Portal.”

“Artists have always been at the core of what 4heads does and how we do it. Over the years, we have presented our shows in a diversity of historic locations, giving our artists the opportunity to marry the experience of place and history with that of contemporary art. At the same time we are committed to exploring and experimenting with different neighborhoods and locations in response to the changing needs and interests of the artists with whom we work,” said Zito. “This year, for Portal, we are moving to


a new neighborhood and to a commercial space, with the vision to enliven what has been an empty storefront--with a history as an active art gallery--and to change the dynamic of this block for a short period. We are very excited to see how our artists respond to and engage with this space.”

As with last year’s edition of Portal, participating artists do not pay any fees to exhibit their work. 4heads also does not take a commission from artworks sold during Portal. Artists are asked to consider donating 30% of sales to 4heads, but the decision to do so is completely at the discretion of the artists.

A list of featured artists for Portal follows below. Highlights include:


●  Iranian-American artist ahra Nazar’s large-scale abstract paintings referencing Iran’s ancient and America's postmodernist architecture. For Portal, Nazari will present a structure made from two large canvases that visually combine references to erosion, degradation, and the passage of time with discernable architectural elements.


●  A large-scale structure by Vermont-based aist ark Lora, composed of cardboard boxes and water bottles conjoined in a repeating system. The installation will stand boldly in the middle of the exhibition space, engaging the architecture directly and altering the way audiences move through the gallery.


●  Two painted wood and metal relief assemblages by Peruvian artist arlos Davil. The wall-mounted, brightly colored sculptures explore the intersection between the natural and manmade worlds. At once referencing the mountainous and desert landscapes of Davila’s home country and the precision of mass-produced mechanical parts, the works highlight the dynamic tension between these realms.


●  A new photography series, entitled rey Space, by German artist—and recent New York transplant—artina Kaendle that explores the architectural spaces of cities, and they way light either finds or eludes the hidden corners of urban environments. To create the works, Kaendler builds paper models and then uses a diversity of lighting effects to draw out different experiences of lightness and darkness, which she then photographs.


The full list of featured artists, organized by media, follows below:

Mixed Media Installation:

Charlotte Becket, NYC Sean Boggs, NYC Tadao Cern, Lithuania Carlos Davila, CT Zahra Nazari, NYC Nao Nishihara, NYC Sui Park, NYC

Agathi Pavlidis, MA Kate Rusek, NYC Benjamin Samuel, NYC Marcy Sperry, NYC Olivia Taylor, NYC Ellen (Jing) Xu, NYC



Justyna Adamczyk, Warsaw Theresa Byrnes, NYC
April Zanne Johnson, NJ Grant Stoops, NYC Ekaterina Vanovskaya, NJ Evan Venegas, NYC

Robert Zurer, NYC



Martina Kaendler, NYC David Rohn, Miami



Dolores Furtado, NYC Tonya Hart, Toronto
Mark Lorah, VT
Shannon McBride, NYC Benjamin Nordsmark, NYC Judy Richardson, NYC Deborah Simon, NYC


About 4heads, Inc:

4heads is a non-profit organization run by artists for artists. It was launched in 2008, when artists Nicole Laemmle, Jack Robinson, and Antony Zito saw an opportunity to create a platform that would serve emerging artists and the local community through exhibitions, education programs, and artistic collaborations. The organization’s DIY spirit inspires and excites its audiences, while catalyzing a dialogue between artists and people from all walks of life. Its diverse slate of initiatives includes Governors Island Art Fair, the Portal show, arts-education initiatives for underserved communities, and an Artists in Residence program. 4heads is committed to shedding new light on hidden culture and bringing new life to unexpected and unique spaces across the city. www.4heads.org


Location and Hours:

Portal takes place at 435 Broome Street Open May 3-8, 2017
11am – 6pm
Admission is free.

A press preview will be held on May 2, at 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM. ###

For additional information and images, please contact: Alina Sumajin / Sascha Freudenheim
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